"Events catalyze community. Conversation creates possibilities."

Social Hartford unites the diversity of city events + conversations in a single place.


Nothing happening? Think again.

Unlike anything Hartford has seen before, Social Hartford’s Events page updates from 100+ different city venue calendars automatically every day, while actively finding new Hartford events across the top public event calendars sites in the world. Why check a dozen calendars? Experience it all on one page, courtesy of the Elm City Project.


Keeping pace has a whole new face.

Hartford is a city exploding with things to do, we just never pull it all together in one place. Social Hartford is about connecting the dots on the data right here: from countless events, to unique conversations, to real issues we are reporting right in our streets. 


Historic Harford Enhanced Podcast Tours

Uncover the depth of Hartford’s rich historic legacy, with free, self-guided Hartford podcast tours of Bushnell Park, Connecticut State Capitol Building, Sailors & Soldiers Arch, Ancient Burying Ground, Stone Field Sculpture, and Hartford City Hall brought to you by a collaboration between Cliff Hirtle, William Hosley, and Don Poland for Hartford’s first annual EnvisionFest.

Discover Hartford: Prototype Bushnell Park Audio Tour

Thanks for checking out the Social Hartford Bushnell Park Self-Guided Audio Tour! This tour is is a prototype of a city-wide audio tour system that could be developed, given interest from visitors like you. Production by Cliff Hirtle, with stories by Don Poland and Tony Koos.